Monday, March 29, 2010

Of Course I Have Self Control!


I had to venture into W@lgreen’s today to pick up some pictures for a project. I was drawn down the Easter candy aisle like a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. I went up and down that aisle for five minutes. You may think I’m kidding but I’m not. Did I want lifesaver jellybeans, sourpatch swedish fish (?), jolly rancher jelly beans, whopper robin eggs, chocolate bunnies, M&M robin eggs, cadberry eggs.. oh the list goes on. I mean, the choices were just overwhelming! I had actually wanted to try these new sour patch jelly beans because I’m a sucker for anything sour!

Without further a do.. this is what I settled on! securedownload


This was sitting IN the parking lot of said store.. at least I waited until I got into the car to tear the bags open. Now, I can either have a ton of self control or zero.

For instance I went to my favorite burger joint this past week (so I would have consumed  it THREE times) and I took my healthy little lunch and ate out of my lunch box as my friends chowed down on burgers. I can also eat at my favorite steakhouse and choose a grilled chicken salad.

It’s either all or nothing with me, all or nothing. Don’t know why. I will say this, I didn’t eat a ton! I had a little bit and I’m going to take it to school with me tomorrow to get rid of the rest. :) I’m a great influence.

Im not even going to talk about ‘Moovin March’ for the week because its just not good.

I will keep this up though. I made some changes, lost about 5 pounds and want to keep it up, even though I don’t plan on losing anymore, just working out and following through on healthy habits.

Hope everyone had a marvelous Monday.. what’s not marvelous about it?? It’s a FOUR day work week! Can I get a woot??


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Girl, I am the SAME way! This week I ate an entire bag of Resees cups, and I don't even like chocolate. Sigh.

Amen for April and Amen for a 4 day week!

Jen said...

I gave up candy for lent - Easter candy is my favorite (over Halloween, Christmas and Valentines!) so I am looking forward to what I get to have on sunday