Thursday, March 18, 2010

12 hours..

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Literally.. 12 hours until I'm glasses free. I'm getting nervous but I just keep telling myself, its 30 minutes and I'm done for the rest of my life. Amazing how fast a week will fly by when your dreading something.

I have read, re-read, even had Mr. G read my pre-op instructions. I can't be breaking any rules now, this is my vision you know!

PSA: Don't ever search photobucket for pictures of 'Lasik' for your blog. Especially if you have an eye phobia. It will thoroughly gross you out.

I accomplished all my Spring break 'goals' for the week. I'm ready to kick my last 6 weeks of my undergrad career into gear and get this show on the road. I'm and stalking White House/Black Market for my graduation dress, waiting for it to go on sale. Husband thinks its looking more and more like we are going to Georgia. This really makes my head hurt. Texas and Georgia are two different states with two different laws when it comes to teaching. I pray that it will be as easy taking a test and getting certified and getting a job. If not, I don't know what I will do. And here comes the head ache..

On that note, hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! I will be sleeping majority of it and being a bum!

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