Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taking the plunge!

Im taking the plunge, Im getting LASIK in 6 days! Im actually really excited. Im ready to burn these frames that have taken permanent residence on my face and get rid of them for good! I feel so comfortable with the place I chose and the staff was so friendly! I cant wait to work out and my glasses not fall of my face, wake up and not have to reach for my frames, and last but not least, not have to constantly change from glasses to sunglasses.


I always take my glasses off for pictures and its rather embarrassing to have to say 'hold on' so I can hide them in my hand or throw them on the counter. Ive heard from many people that this was the best thing that they have spent money on and I am literally busting from the seams if you can't tell!

Sporting the frames..

Anyone have a great LASIK story they want to share to calm my fears that are soon to come? Because like I said, I am scared of eyes!

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