Saturday, March 20, 2010

I did it!

Wow... that is all I can say. Lasik was THE best thing I have ever done. I was nervous over nothing. I felt like I was in there for 5 minutes, it was that quick. Seriously. I keep reaching for my glasses or trying to push them up. I feel so naked with out them on my face. I have some 'bruising' on my eyes and it should last about 3 weeks and I have to use 4 different eye drops for at least another week but other than that, I feel great. After my valium induced nap following the surgery, I was up and going. I felt great!

I did get some looks in the gas station with my goggles on. I was suprised at how many people came right out and asked me why I was wearing them. I mean, what if I had something wrong with me and had to wear the goggles 24/7, kinda rude dont ya think. Totally understand being curious and I had no problem telling people why but what if it was because I had a serious ailment?

I had a brain stem injury in '08 and had to wear an eye patch for 4 months and I bedazzled them. You wouldn't believe the comments I got from strangers when I had an eye patch!

Point of the story.. if you're contemplating Lasik.. totally worth it. Best thing I have ever done. I splurged on some expensive sunglasses as my anniversary present and cant wait for the sun to show its beautiful face so I can wear them. Seriously Texas, possible snow and rain today but 70 degrees on Monday. Im DONE with that! Haven't we moved on to Spring weather??

In other news.. Jane over at is hosting a give away. Go show her some loooove! I love reading about her med school life.. wish I was intelligent enough to go to med school but I could never be a science major. When I realised I had to be a science major to go into a med school, I went with my second passion in life, teaching!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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