Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Grab The Button!

Moovin Monday was a success, so far. I have a girls night tonight for the Bachelor season finale and one of the ladies is bringing homemade pizza. You might be thinking, that isn't healthy... but my plan is to only have one piece.. I have been over eating for a while now, I NEVER get full. It's really sad when the husbands soldiers tell me I can eat any one of them under the table.

I ate healthy all day, didn't snack, and worked out. Not as hard as I used to, but I made more progress than normal.

Anyone watch the Bachelor? I so hope the spoilers aren't true! If they are, gag me!

Question for blogger saavy people out there, I feel so moronic for even asking but I have tried for so long to figure this out. If I have a follower, how do I go see their blog? I click on their picture but it says, add friend, email, block, and shows me who THEY follow. I just want to go visit. Can you tell Im blogger illiterate?

Have a happy Monday!

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Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

1. Ew Vienna! I can't stand her. I read the spoilers and honestly it makes me not want to watch.

2. If you click on their picture and you don't see a link part, that's because they haven't included it. Some people, like Erin, one of your followers have. This is why I usually ask people to delurk every one in awhile because I want to see their blogs too!

3. Sounds like you had a good day and have a good plan for the girls night. Nice job!