Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Weekend Come and Gone!

Happy Easter to all.. I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Another weekend is coming to an end and Im actually glad. Weekend over=one week closer to graduation. This weekend is the first Monday of the month so Mr. and I went to First Monday again and bought some stuff for our house. I am doing my first DIY project and refinishing a dresser for our bedroom. Pictures to come later this week. Im actually really excited.

Any crafty people out there read craft blogs? I could scour those blogs for hours. I actually have before. Any good ones you'd like to share? I have gotten so many ideas that I cant wait to attack when we move, I am going to go nuts in our new house. I seriously am giddy with excitement and anticipation.

Anyone done a DIY project they are proud of? I love reading about projects that others have done.. dont be scared, now is the time to shine!

In other news, does anyone know what happens one week from today?? My absolute favorite show returns.. wonder if anyone can guess. I find it amusing when people ask me if my life reflects the actual show, God love 'em!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jes said...

If you've never seen this website, it will change your life, PROMISE!

I could spend HOURS and DAYS looking at all the stuff on there!

Have you ever read the book that your favorite show is based off of? When people ask me if my life is really like the show, I tell them to go read the book and tell me if the show is really like the book!

Jes said...

And you have a surprise waiting for you on my blog =)

Ally said...

I absolutetly love this one :

I did the christmas wreath and her ideas are just amazing, cheap, simple and so easilly doable. She is also a teacher :)

I cant wait for armywives either soo stokked :)