Sunday, March 21, 2010


Spring break is over. OVER. Oh how I enjoyed lounging around doing what I wanted, making plans at my convenience, and playing hookie. Now comes the hard part, 6 weeks of a crammed pack schedule. I looked at my calender tonight and it makes my head spin at warped speeds.

I usually look forward to breaks being over as I miss those little kiddies, but this time, I actually enjoyed my time to myself.

On a different note, Spring is here. I got SO much accomplished in the last week. Everything on my list plus some more. I feel so good right now, just knowing there isn't a looming cloud called a 'to-do list' hovering over my head, makes me happy. But since Spring is here, I was excited so excited to officially bust out the flip flops and shorts (I may have last Sunday when the high was in the 80's) but no. I woke up to 7 inches of snow on the ground. In Texas. Yesterday it was in the 70's. Tomorrow the high is in the 60's. Today, snow. I'm supposed to take our class on a nature walk tomorrow so that we can talk about Spring, hard to talk about spring when there is snow on the roof tops. I really want a normal climate. WHen I say normal, I really mean warm. Anything below 73 is cold me to. I carry a light jacket around in the Summer because I freeze everywhere we go because I get so cold!

Happy Sunday!

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