Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why hello....

Spring break!!! Oh how I'm so glad to see you! I have big plans for us this year, a whole lotta nothing will our time together entail!

Spring break is here and Im so excited to rest and rejuvinate. I have big plans to catch up on doctors appointments, a hair appointment, cook some new recipes, and spend time doing nothing! Last year I spent Spring break skiing and Im kinda sad that Im staying put this year but after the last 9 months of a workload that I have taken on, 10 days of doing minimal schoolwork and lesson planning will be exciting!

In other new.. tomorrow I have an appointment to see about getting Lasik. Anyone had it before?? Want to offer insight? Everyone has there phobias.. snakes, spiders, thunderstorms.. Mine is eyes. Yes, you read that correctly, I am afraid of eyes. You cant talk about eyes, touch your eye, get near my eye. NADA. I curl in the fetal position and freak out, yes, as an adult. I had to have eye surgery last year due to a brain stem injury that effected my eyes and normally the surgeon allows his patients to stay awake for this 15 minute procedure, but not me. He full on sedated me because of my phobia.

So good vibes my way that I can do this. I hate my glasses. Hate them, hate wearing them, hate that they fall off my face when I work out, hate always having to change them when I go outside, HATE THEM. DId I mention I dont like them?

Anyone had Lasik that doesnt like eyes either and had a good outcome?

Happy spring break everyone!

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