Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear 1st graders..

I love you.. I really do. I love your hugs, your funny stories, and your beautiful smiles. What I don't love, is your boogers. Especially the ones you attach to your math test complete with nose hair still in tact. It makes me want to vomit, especially since I'm a germa-phobe.

I wonder now that every time I touch your pencils, pick up your books, or grab your backpack, if their is a little boogy creeping around under there. It makes my skin crawl.

Sometimes I leave school and marinade in germ-x. I do not understand how you manage to cram your finger so far up your nose, do you think you might pull out a surprise the longer you leave it in there?

Please stop. It makes me want to gag. One day I might not hide my disgust with a smile, I may actually show you what I'm thinking with the facial expressions on my face. It might hurt your precious little feelings.


PS.. Boogs aren't full of protein either. Don't eat them. If you do, I will no doubt judge you.

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