Sunday, February 28, 2010

Such a great weekend!

I saw the sun for the first time in a long time and the temperature rose above 55 degrees. It was so nice, it's amazing what a little sunshine can do for your attitude!

This weekend was also First Monday in North Texas. Being from the area, I LOVE FM's. They are the first weekend of the month and people from all over come to sell their stuff. You can buy everything from animals, antiques, furniture, jewelry, clothes, oh the list goes on!

We bought a handmade dog house, a watch, some bulletin board decoration for my classroom, an American flag and Tx flag for my in-laws and a gag gift for my mom.

This was what the car looked like after we finally got the dog house into the car. I was more confident when we bought it thinking it would fit into my 2 door car. It only took us 25 minutes, 1 stranger, and 5 feet of string later to get it secured.

Best part about FM's??

THE FOOD! Corn dogs, funnel cakes, lemonade, oh my!

This my friends is why I will be participating in Get MOOVIN MARCH!!

Grab The Button!

Since school has started back in August, I have packed on about 5lbs, lost all my muscle and my gone up a pants size. Might sound a little vain, but I lost 35 lbs 18 months ago and I am on the road again to being that person again.

I may or may not have grabbed an extra donut in the teachers lounge once or twice. Ok, three times, sue me.

I might have ate popcorn with the kids in tutoring, and had some candy.

I eat pizza when I come home, dont work out, and snack sometimes during the day.

This will end. I am throwing these habits out the window and getting back to my old self. Starting tomorrow. I kind of started today but didn't do my best.

I promise to:

Only eat out once a week.

Work out 4 times a week.

I will keep a food journal.

I will weigh myself tomorrow morning. Havent weighed myself in a while, I may have gained more than I think and very possibly be in denial. We'll see in the morning!

Good luck to all!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today was such a crazy day, 5th graders working on major projects (major for them) and me with a horrific migraine makes for one eventful day, to say the least.

Lets just say, I had zero tolerance! I 'yelled with my eyes' as my husband calls it many a time.

I made a career decision last week that in the long run, will be good for Mr. G and I. It took many tears and prayer as I didn't know the right thing to do and I wanted him to tell me what to do so I would know it was the 'right' thing. In the end, I am at peace with my decision.

I decided Im not going to start graduate school this summer, I AM going to start taking spanish though. Nervous about that, let me just you! It has been almost 10 years since I have been in a traditional foreign setting so we see how well that goes. I have to stick with it as knowing spanish is required if I want to acheive one of my future goals and if I dont take it starting now, I never will.

It feels at this rate I will be a student forever.. too bad I can't get paid for it, if that were the case, I would stay in school forever, because I do love me some school!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where has the time gone!??

There is one more week left in February.. Can I get a woot?? Then again, I can't believe March is already here!

I wish I could say that I spent the weekend doing romantic things but sadly, this I can not. Mr. G insisted we have deer chili and watch World Trade Center Sunday night since I 'drug' him pots and pan shopping. Really, because that is how it went. The rest of the night was spent lesson planning and being lazy. I tried to convince the husband to give me a foot rub but he politely declined.

I was hoping that we would have a house by this week but that we do not have. We have 2 we really like but by the time we found them, they were closed Saturday and nobody was opened on Monday. Didn't they know it was imperative that I be able to house hunt on Monday?? Come on, guys! In the words of my 5th graders, 'Gah!'

I then concluded my peaceful weekend with a migraine. Love it when that happens.

Here's to hoping the house fairies send me some dust and if the job fairies could too, Id really appreciate it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

DUNZO & back to the drawing board..

As I sit here in anticipation checking my email every 10 minutes, I can't help but think of where I was this time last year and all the amazing things God has given me. I feel so blessed, even though I'm stressed to the max, sometimes ya gotta just slow down and remember all that He has given to you.

Today, we are back to the drawing board, a financial advisor via the military said it would be in our best interest not to buy right now with how the housing market is in our area and the amount of time we would be living in the house (2 years). Thanks for raining on my parade, lady! Now we have to look at rentals, the thought of pouring an obscene amount of rent into a house for 2+ years makes me ill. All the decent houses here in the nice areas are well over $1000 which is in our budget but for 2 people? It just seems silly. Most are 4 bedrooms which would give Mr. G his man cave and myself an office/work out room but it just seems so silly for TWO people. Can you tell I'm very frugal with our money? Ive been scouring the Internet for rentals and we have been driving around aimlessly and nothing has caught our eye. I feel like this is hopeless. We can't live in an apartment due to the furchild and it would be selfish of us to do that to him. Ive also been asking for the last 18months for a new puppy for a graduation present and we've been going back and forth on breeds for a while now.

On a lighter note, I applied for a job, they received my application, and have already called. Could I take said job before I graduate, possibly. Would it be stressful? Most definitely.

Things on our list:
*House before April

I want to apply to grad school but I'm not going to add that to my list in the immediate future.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big week!!

This week is a big week. I had big lesson plans to teach (done), I have assignments to turn in tomorrow, I start my last special populations class that the university requires when you are a resident, and I take my last certification test to become a teacher. To say Im a ball of nerves right now is an understatement.

Im ready to graduate, start the job hunt, receive a normal paycheck and live a normal life with Mr. G. I am heavily considering starting graduate school this summer, though. I want to have my feet wet in grad school before we start having kids and I want to start trying in the next year and a half. Im also thinking about taking spanish classes at the local community college this summer begin the journey of becoming 'fluent'. I can carry on a basic conversation right now but am by no means fluent. It is required if I want to pursue one of my career goals. I think I need to slow down though and enjoy some down time but Im scared if I do, I wont ever go back to school. All the advice I receive from the 'older and wiser' crowd is to not stop, to just keep going, but I feel like I am at a little bit of a crossroads.

Oh the decisions. If I could get paid, I would be a professional student. I love going to school. That is such a change from before because 5 years ago, strait out of high school, I hated school. I only enrolled in college to keep my parents off my back and I didn't know how to study at all. I was a B & C student in high school and didn't care at all. Now, Im an all A student who keeps my nose in the books. Im the polar opposite of the person I was 4 years ago. So crazy to see how much Ive changed.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Next time.. I will be more prepared.

I have returned from camp with 120 some odd 11 year olds. Oh my word am I exhausted. It rained the whole time and the temperature decided to hover in the high 30*s until right before we left. The sun (which I haven't seen in almost a week) peeked out today and gave me a small dose of vitamin C and perked up the kiddies slightly. I will say that near freezing temperatures, rain (and I do mean steady rain), 3 hour hikes, and high maintenance children do not mix well. It was hard to be perky and up beat when all I wanted to do was whine with them.

I have never seen grown adults pull pranks on each other like I did this week. I was the butt of many (or all) of them. They included, honey being poured down my face when I was napping one day, having a trash bag of ice being placed in my bed, and an alarm clock going off at 2:18 am (this was a 'group' prank so to speak). At first everyone assumed it was time to get up until someone found the hidden clock and flipped open their phone and realized it was in the middle of the night. There were some very angry people in our room. The alarm clock was done by our principal to 'get' the teachers, they retaliated by setting of the smoke alarm and duck taping his door.

I will never take my warm bed, hot shower, and warm food for granted again. The week went by so slow and all I could look forward to was hitting up the drive through and marinating in a bubble bath when I got home.

There is no place like home.

I did tell the husband that I know what it's like to be in the 'field' now. He begged to differ.