Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Addition to The Family

There are no longer three members of the G family, now we have 4.

This is Ruby.

She is a cocker spaniel/chihuahua and is so full of spunk, she will definitely keep me on my toes!

Hero is still warming up to her but I know they will be best friends in no time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and remembered all those that we have lost and thanked those that have served past and present. A local radio station in Dallas was having commercial breaks every 5-10 minutes on Sunday and the air would get silent and they would name a couple of names of fallen service members and where in the metroplex they were from followed by a patriotic song. It was very moving, I listened to it all day as we had the radio on all day on Sunday. I am very proud of our military and am very proud to be a military wife.


Anonymous said...

aw your new puppy is SO sweet! Chris and i are starting to look for puppies/breeders .. i can't wait to get one :)

Kara said...

Congratulations on your new addition! She is such a sweet little thing.

Brittany Ann said...

What a sweet little pup!