Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's The Small Things..

It is the small things that make me giddy. No really. I can only imagine what my neighbors thought last night if they heard me praising Ruby with so much excitement in my voice, you would have thought I had won the lottery, all because she went to the restroom on the puppy pad. Too bad it was a one time deal.

Another thing that makes me happy, getting my teacher badge. A piece of plastic with my name on it. I want to wear it around the house when I clean, I want to grocery shop in it, I want to wear it to the mailbox but sadly, I will have to wait to wear it.

The last thing that makes me happy, I get to call myself a teacher. I will teach children. Some people think its not a big deal and just anybody can do it but after my first day in 1st grade last year I felt as if I was herding cats and I had no idea if I could ever teach. I was terrified. I still am but I'm also full of excitement. I am a teacher, I honestly can't stop saying it. I know I sound silly but this is my blog, I can do it. :)

I just feel so blessed right now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


Brittany Ann said...

Being a teacher is a big deal! Again! Congrats! So happy for you!

Blessing said...

Being a teacher is great. I used to teach kids when i got out of high school. And even while in college, i got to tutor some. Dont let anyone tell you less. Teachers help shape us.

My husband just joined the military. He is off to Basic and Officer Candidate School. I am just glad there are military spouse blogs for me to draw inspirations from. I am now following your blog, feel free to follow me at Musings of An Army Wife

Have a terrific day!!!

Kayla Sue said...

Hey, peeing on the puppy pad is a big deal:)

I'm a new follower, can't wait to read more!