Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whole 'Lotta Nothin'!

I wish I could say my absence was because something eventful and exciting has happened in my life, but sadly it's because I have done nothing. Mr. G has been TDY for the last two weeks and that means I have been one lonely wife, as in I sit and do nothing all. day. long. I can't wait to start working again. Im literally counting the days.

I literally was in a fowl mood because of my lack of human interaction. My behind went flat from sitting on it for so long. I can only clean and jog around the neighborhood so many times per day.

I have a confession to make. This was the first time I have been by myself for more than 2 days before. How you may wonder.. with 2 deployments, schools and TDY's under our belts? School and scheduling have made it to where I have always been able to go home for his 'vacations'. Im sure I could have this time but with a new puppy and another dog and my mother having 2 dogs of her own, it would have been a full on circus and I wasn't up for that. I also wanted to know I could brave being home alone, to be honest. I was terrified and as soon as I got used to it, of course his school was complete. Go figure.

Today is a lazy Sunday full of catching up on household chores and little things that I need help on since its a 2 man job. :) I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.


Angel :) said...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. :)

Brigette said...

I see from your profile your at Ft.Hood. My hubs and I will be going there in september or october.

I'm a new followe btw.