Thursday, May 27, 2010


Driving to D-town with the husband, 3 hour road trip ahead of us, this is what started our trip.

Mr.- I want to learn how to play the guitar.

Me- Ok.

Mr.- You should learn how to play the piano.

Me- I never understood how to read music, I failed that part of music in private school.

Mr.- You could learn. It would be easy. You could play the piano, I could play the guitar and we could have a little band, just like Rodney Carrington. He played the guitar and had a little piano player and they sounded good.

He then proceeds to bust out a Rodney Carrington song and I proceed to stare at him because he was kinda being serious.

Just a little background, we saw Rodney Carrington this weekend on post. Mr. G loves him. His humor is kinda crude (ok, a lot). Some of it went over my head but some of it you can't help but laugh at.

I was just dumbfounded that out of nowhere he, wants to start a family band.

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