Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where has the time gone!??

There is one more week left in February.. Can I get a woot?? Then again, I can't believe March is already here!

I wish I could say that I spent the weekend doing romantic things but sadly, this I can not. Mr. G insisted we have deer chili and watch World Trade Center Sunday night since I 'drug' him pots and pan shopping. Really, because that is how it went. The rest of the night was spent lesson planning and being lazy. I tried to convince the husband to give me a foot rub but he politely declined.

I was hoping that we would have a house by this week but that we do not have. We have 2 we really like but by the time we found them, they were closed Saturday and nobody was opened on Monday. Didn't they know it was imperative that I be able to house hunt on Monday?? Come on, guys! In the words of my 5th graders, 'Gah!'

I then concluded my peaceful weekend with a migraine. Love it when that happens.

Here's to hoping the house fairies send me some dust and if the job fairies could too, Id really appreciate it!

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