Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big week!!

This week is a big week. I had big lesson plans to teach (done), I have assignments to turn in tomorrow, I start my last special populations class that the university requires when you are a resident, and I take my last certification test to become a teacher. To say Im a ball of nerves right now is an understatement.

Im ready to graduate, start the job hunt, receive a normal paycheck and live a normal life with Mr. G. I am heavily considering starting graduate school this summer, though. I want to have my feet wet in grad school before we start having kids and I want to start trying in the next year and a half. Im also thinking about taking spanish classes at the local community college this summer begin the journey of becoming 'fluent'. I can carry on a basic conversation right now but am by no means fluent. It is required if I want to pursue one of my career goals. I think I need to slow down though and enjoy some down time but Im scared if I do, I wont ever go back to school. All the advice I receive from the 'older and wiser' crowd is to not stop, to just keep going, but I feel like I am at a little bit of a crossroads.

Oh the decisions. If I could get paid, I would be a professional student. I love going to school. That is such a change from before because 5 years ago, strait out of high school, I hated school. I only enrolled in college to keep my parents off my back and I didn't know how to study at all. I was a B & C student in high school and didn't care at all. Now, Im an all A student who keeps my nose in the books. Im the polar opposite of the person I was 4 years ago. So crazy to see how much Ive changed.

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