Friday, January 29, 2010

Today, they broke me..

Today.. my fifth graders broke me. I cried, not like give me an academy award for the waterworks but my eyes filled up with tears and I just couldn't hold them in and they just spewed out. I had my head turned and thankfully wasn't in from of the whole class but still, they broke me.

If I have learned anything from this whole experience, it is how that much more important manners are to me and instilling them in my unborn child. Sometimes the students think it's strange that I say 'yes ma'am/no ma'am' to the teacher who's classroom I'm in. One, she is the same age as my mom, two, I was taught it's respectful to respect your elders. These kids are so disrespectful to not only me but they are so rude to each other. I honestly can't get over it.

I cried out of frustration.. I was frustrated with the sass they gave me, the fact that they were telling me I was wrong and then arguing with me. I am all for debating your point when you think you're right, but one can do so in a polite way. I guess it is something that comes with age.

I love that I am student teaching in two grades ( I move back to 1st grade in March and stay until the last week of April). I student taught in 1st grade from Aug-Oct then moved to 5th grade and I will stay with them until the last week of Feb. It has really opened my eyes to what I really want. And let me tell you, what I thought I wanted, has completely changed!

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