Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the hunt begins..

This weekend we shall embark on our house hunting journey. Thinking about it makes me ill. It seems like an uphill battle. I dont know why the thought of buying a home seems so difficult to me. I just have this notion that wherever you go, everyone is out to get you. Ever feel that way? Like you are going to get screwed no matter what? I believe in karma so I always go out of my way to do nice things for other people, you just never know! I am hoping that not only does our house buying go well, but Mr. G and I can agree on a house. He sometimes can be a tad bit on the unreasonable side and I have to be the voice of reason, even if it isn't the most popular.

On another note, I stole something for the first time today. I have never stolen anything before and this was totally by accident. It has been pouring down rain here all day and COLD. This is important because I had to buy camping supplies because we are taking all of our five 5th grade classes camping next week (Lord help me) and I needed some supplies. I ventured to the store to buy some travel size toiletries and didn't see the little $0.52 toothpaste left in my basket until I got to my car. I parked in the middle of nowhere and it was cold and pouring down rain otherwise I would have gone back in and paid for it. I felt really bad.

I went to IHOP afterwards with another teacher friend, to make up for my naughtiness, I donated $1 to St.Jude when I paid. I know, if I felt this bad, I could have gone in and paid, but my shoes were all wet and It was 40* and pouring down rain! I know, I know, excuses are like asses, everyone has one, but still... the sky was literally falling.

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