Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'll Get Over It..

Graduation is in 9 days and let me tell you, I couldn't be more excited. I see my friends facebook statuses with daily countdowns and I could explode with bunnies and unicorns. I never thought Id graduate college to be honest so to be at this point in my life is so exciting. Like any commencement ceremony though, there are a limited amount of tickets. I was the only one in my student teaching group that had extra tickets.

When listing who would be attending this exciting event in my life, my husband was not on the list. Nobody could quite understand why seeing as he isn't deployed. Not deployed=attends every function that I participate in? Right? Nahh..

Normally, Id be bummed, but I have never been so proud of Mr. G and why he wont be with me next Saturday.

Starting Monday, in Colorado Springs, the 2010 Warrior Games will commence for the first time. All 5 branches of the military will compete for the ultimate wounded warrior. There are many articles on the internet about the event and Mr. G has been interview down in the good ole 'Great Place' for the last 3 weeks by news papers and news stations.

I found this just now by a google search. The Army will be represented by 100 soldiers chosen out of a pool of almost 9,000 wounded warriors. The Marine Corps will send 50 competitors,the Air Force will send 25, and the Coast Guard and Navy will combine to send 25 more, Cheek said.

I guess my civilian friends cant wrap their minds around it, but Im okay with him not being there. He will be home in time for a family gathering the night of graduation and I told him I would put my cap on for him and reenact someone calling my name and getting my 'fake' diploma they gave me that day.

Seeing that he has missed so many events, maybe Im used to it, not sure, but I am so excited and proud of him, how could I be bothered by this??

Anyone ever have a problem trying to explain things to civilian friends that just dont understand?

On a different note, just wanted to say hello to my new followers via the blog hop! Id love to say hello on your blog!

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Kara said...

That is so awesome. Congrats to both you and your husband. You have such a positive attitude about the whole situation and rightly so. Definitely two major accomplishments to share.
Congrats again. Enjoy your big day.