Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Week Is This Week??!

Oh that'd be the last week of my undergrad career!

Last week of school has finally come and all my assignments are done early, I have one actual day of 'work', a fun field trip to attend, a relaxing day with all my student teacher friends at our liasons house for lunch and mimosas, and then my last day of school.

Today is a week full of so many fun and exciting new things, I can barely contain my excitment.

We packed up all of our stuff out of storage, loaded it in a Uhaul and it is on our way to our new house. Have I mentioned Ive never actually been inside this house? I found it the weekend Mr. G was riding his bicycle and he went and looked at it, signed the lease and keeps raving about how nice it is. I get to see it Friday night when I go home to attend a job fair. This week he is painting, unloading and putting boxes in rooms for me to unpack. God love him, he offered to un-pack everything so I wouldn't but I told him he would be doing me a favor by not un-packing because I would have to re-arrange everything he did. He really means well, though.

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.

We went to see Darius Rucker in Oklahoma this weekend. Such a good concert. Seeing as he only has one album, he only played for an hour, but it still was really good. He played some Hootie songs and ended with a Prince song (that I may have never heard of, but that is neither here nor there).

After the concert.

Ole Darius.

Hope everyone's weekend is going great!

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