Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Close!

We have a house..It has everything I want and the owner (we aren't renting from a property company). It has stainless steel appliances, a security system, arched entryways, a bose sound system for the Mr. G, and is conveniently located in the my first choice neighborhood. Oh how Im glad that weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now it's time to move and do I hate nothing more than moving. I find it stressful, my husband on the other hand doesn't agree. I pointed out to him that I am:
1. Permanently moving 3 hours away
2. Have zero friend where we are stationed ZERO (they all left)
3. For the first time in my life, I will not have school or a job to fall back on (hopefully after the end of the month I will have a contract)
4. I have to un-pack, paint, and decorate our whole house. My husband helps but the way he does things and the way I like the way things done are two totally different ways!
The man thinks that moving is a piece of cake and I shouldn't be stressed. Add to the fact that he is leaving for the 'military olympics' right in the middle of when he wants to be moved in and Im sitting here scratching my head as to what he expects out of me. Silly man.

Do you think moving is stressful or am I an oddball?

Tomorrow is Thursday, I love Thursdays. They are my favorite day of the week. Ive always loved them.


Brittany Ann said...

No, you're right! Nothing is more stressful to me than moving! So scary! However, my military husband, like yours, thinks nothing of it! We've actually fought about it before! We just never see eye to eye on moving, it seems!

Jen said...

Moving is stressful. We always get snippy with each other right before the movers come.

Although, I do like the adventure. You get to start all over again.