Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vitamin C Pleasseee

My throat hurts so bad right now that when I swallow, I feel as if my ears are going to bust. It took 2 full school weeks for my sweet angels to infest my immune system. Im trying to fight it but I feel horrible. I came strait home today and put sweats on before I even kissed the mister and he walked in and asked if I wore my sweats to work today. I. WISH.

I do have some slippers I change into when I moving around the classroom. Its for background noise. :)

It's been nothing but rainy today and it's going to continue all week. I hope that it brings cool Fall temperatures because Im ready to bust out the decor and let the cool air into my house.

Happy Tuesday!


Brittany Ann said...

I caught the crud a few days ago, too. ugh ugh ugh! Every single year! And I'm not even teaching this year!

ens said...

eew little germbags... I felt like that last week and took some nyquil and felt better the next day