Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Back.. And I Feel Like A Loser!

I have been in the land of dry heat and sand for the last 10 days. Oh, there really is no place like home. I feel like such a loser because I missed reading my blogs, I was sitting in our hotel room one night thinking, 'Man, I just need some 'me' time and would love to just read some fun blogs'.

Words can not even begin to express how emotionally exhausted I am today. I really want to write about the experience I had over the last week and a half but I am having trouble finding words, I want to do so in a way that is classy and full of tact just in case my blog is ever found by my IRL posse, and because this person is very close to me. I also want to share all the things I learned. I hate when I read things on blogs and people are cryptic, because IMO, if you are going to spark peoples interest and leave them hanging, then don't say anything at all. But that's just me. :)

I officially started professional development this week and got my classroom keys. I felt so validated getting my keys today and opening my door. It was as if all the hard work has paid off. I love hearing a new jingle on my key ring, it's music to my ears. Now comes the work of getting my room together after training in the afternoon and into the evenings. Lord help me.

Can't wait to catch up on every one's blogs!!!


ens said...

ahh i totally know what you mean. Blog reading is my "me time" its how i zone out at the end of the day. I love it.

ens said...

just wanted to let you know that you're not a loser! You WON my giveaway!!!! i wrote a post about it but i didnt want you to miss it so thats why im commenting :)