Thursday, August 26, 2010

Broken Record

Oh My Word. Where have I been.. I feel like my whole world flipped up side down and I have been thrown into the real world. I am now officially a teacher even though my contract was signed quite a while ago. Even though I am the one with the classroom and stand at the front of the room and have the desk, I don't feel like a teacher. I don't even feel like an adult sometimes! I don't feel old enough to be in this world, I remember being the age that my students are, it honestly seems like yesterday.

I have never been so tired in my life and can honestly say I'm not just saying that. I can't count how many days I have stayed at work 11-12 hours and come home and just crashed. I thought the other night, what do people with children do? How do they come home to a family and take care of a household? I haven't cooked dinner in over a week, I do my chores on the weekend and thankfully its just the mister and I so our house stays pretty clean. I just can't imagine coming home and being a mom.

On a lighter note, I have made friends. Im so ecstatic about that. I have THE best, no really, I do, the best team. I love the people I work with and I work at such a great school with a positive atmosphere (sorry to gloat but I just want to share my excitement). I have made beautiful (Im referring to the inside but they are beautiful on the outside too) friends. I am just so excited. It makes all the long hours worth it. Id rather work all the time with wonderful people than very few hours with people Im miserable with. One of my new friends even blogs!!! I don't tell anyone that I blog, for multiple reasons but I was looking at her facebook profile and saw her blog and was so excited!

I hope to find my niche soon and get the hang of all the things that I have to do because I feel like Im one big multi-tasker. I have such a great class, 14 boys and 7 girls and they all mesh well so wonderfully. Are they the perfect class? No, I don't expect them to be but I already love them. I'm so excited for the year to get rolling and for us all to get in our groove.

Funny of the week.. I was so nervous this week, I never introduced myself to my class. I told them my name but didn't tell them anything about me. For 3 days. My mom lectured me about this and how it was important. She also lectured me about the difference between being strict and being mean. Apparently I am the stylish and pretty teacher but Im mean. I don't even care at this point, Im just trying to survive.

This weekend... sleep and trying a new church with Mr. G. I am so excited about this church, Ive heard great things about it and I hope it can be our new church home.

Hope everyone is surviving August. The temperature dropped 10 degrees here putting it in the 90's and it has felt so nice. Really, it has made a world of difference, I hope that means fall is right around the corner! I LOVE fall and decorating and all the scents and the leaves, I could go on. :)

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Kara said...

Yaayyyy! Congratulations. The first week is the hardest. Amazingly, your exhaustion will lessen with each additional day to the point that you won't even remember how tired you were! I am so glad you have found wonderful colleagues as I think they truly make the job "great." With that, hats off to being a grown up and to a great school year!