Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Do YOU Do?

I have a small problem? Well not really a problem. I love to shop for clothes. I probably do it more than I should. I have a whole walk in closet in our master bedroom to myself. Ole Mr. G, well, his closet is in his man cave. All out by choice of course. :) We both like our space and I like to organize my closet by type of clothes. Work pants, work tops, jeans, summer clothes, sweatshirts, everyday shirts. Then they are all organized by color, so I need my space. That's not my problem though.

My problem is I will be out and about and I see a cute cardigan or a cute scarf or maybe a really cute belt, but I may not have anything to match the belt or scarf or cardigan. Do you buy it and wait and see if you find anything to coordinate it or not buy it because you don't have anything to make that cute outfit? I never can work up the nerve to buy that one piece because I don't have anything to match it. I guess it's fear that I'll never wear it but then I end of regretting it later on.

So what do you do? Buy it or only if you know what you will wear it with?


Brittany Ann said...

I always end up buying it, and then having to buy pieces to go with it! Hence my problem...I, too, have way too many clothes!

Kara said...

I too, tend to buy and then figure it all out later. I sort of changed my shopping habits when I got married and refined them further when I had kiddos. Time is of the essence, so I often buy things without having the outfit all planned out or even without trying things on. As a result, I also return things frequently ;)

Jen said...

I am pretty dull. I want to be more adventurous and buy because it's cute and find things that match later, but the reality is that I buy things that match.

I also only really own black and brown shoes! See, I am boring.

It's mostly due to money. With an unlimited budget, I would buy shoes, purses, and accessories in every color, but then I tell myself it's too expensive.